Why are the Middle-Aged Dying?

By now there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the disturbing study from Princeton economists showing that middle-aged white Americans are the only demographic showing increasing death rates. Only the…..

Experience Matters

A recurring critique of President Obama has been his lack of experience. Barack Obama, part Progressive ideologue and part cerebral academic, has been moonlighting as the leader of the Free…..

Suicidal “Dignity”

The secular progressive tactic of advocating death in the name of liberty continues, this time in the state of California, where Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill legalizing physician-assisted suicide…..

Bernie, Christians, and Gotcha Articles

Bernie Sanders spoke to Liberty University a few weeks back, presenting himself and his convictions boldly and honestly, and in response, a Liberty alumnus and evangelical pastor “Tim” gave a…..

An Immoral Quandary

Participation in the global community of nations has always required compromises, sometimes uncomfortable ones. How the United States confronts these issues generally depends on the current ideological temperament holding sway…..