An Introduction

Welcome to our article symposium on Christian Imagination! This is our theme. Starting today and continuing through the next two weeks, our writers will be sharing their thoughts on the…..

Why We Get Myth Wrong

Narnia isn’t a myth, and why it matters. What is myth? In our modern vernacular, we use the word interchangeably with “fantasy,” “superstition,” or even “lie.” We enjoy reading Greek…..

Fallen Superheroes Are Good for Us

What Guardians of the Galaxy lacks, less well-known superhero stories don’t. Over the course of the last decade, contemporary superhero culture has become nothing less than ubiquitous. Special-effects extravaganzas such…..

Saints or Superheroes?

Which are of more value to us? When the young Spanish gentleman Iñigo López was laid up recovering from a war wound, he had only two books to occupy his…..

How to Use Your Imagination in Worship

Just as the disciples heard Christ’s voice, they also saw His face. Does the faculty of imagination have any place in Christian congregational worship? Imagination has always played a vital…..

The World Behind Stories

Moviegoers question what is real: the world or the story. Guillermo Del Toro tells us the response must be “both.” Robert Coles’ The Call of Stories (1990) changed how I taught. His…..

The Importance of Choosing Life

The Rise of Assisted Suicide Rhetoric Physician-assisted suicide, much like abortion and same-sex marriage, has become something of a cultural bellwether. Support for the right to end your own life…..