What’s Worth Conserving?

Introduction: what should conservatism look like in 2014 and beyond? Thoughtful American conservatives are aware of the philosophical roots and political history of their tradition. They know what conservatism meant…..

Who’s right? Conservatism in Europe

Alvino-Mario Fantini reports on the future of conservatism across the Atlantic. To the chagrin of Europe’s established political elites, elections to the European Parliament in May of this year resulted…..

15 things that are worth conserving

Joshua de Gastyne ’13 takes a Buzzfeed-style approach to the question of what’s worth conserving. A simple question deserves simple answers. So when my alma mater asks: “What’s worth conserving?”…..

Futurist conservatives?

Nathan Hitchen ’07’s research suggests one way to increase wisdom on the Right. What if the intellectual problems of the organs of American conservatism are a failure to be wise…..

Preserving a metaphysical conservatism

Robert Wright ’14 says conservatives need to provide a framework for the world that makes sense of the impulse to conserve. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, much…..

Women Have a Role to Play in Ending Rape

Before circumstances and Providence brought me to a small, Christian liberal arts college in a sleepy northern Virginia town, I spent three years studying at the University of Illinois followed…..