An Immoral Quandary

Participation in the global community of nations has always required compromises, sometimes uncomfortable ones. How the United States confronts these issues generally depends on the current ideological temperament holding sway…..

Scientific Moral Regress

More scientific progress? In the wake of news videos about slicing up and testing the remains of aborted babies, leave it to leading scientific researchers to continue to push the…..

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to gain momentum and garner attention – both positive and negative – from the media. Most recently the group received criticism for a chant…..

A Case for Contraception

In the wake of the most recent undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress, the pro-life community is reeling. Any remaining vestiges of doubt about the depths of depravity…..

Enough is Enough

Human beings have always had an extraordinary capacity for self-delusion. We justify horrible things by telling ourselves that we are acting in the service of a noble cause, or by…..

American Churches 20 Years from Now

For generations it’s been easy to live as a Christian in America. We have lived in a culture that largely assumed and supported Christianity or at least Christian moral principles……